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Halo Tape Records

DOB: 8/2018

The story of how it all began is about to be here. Stay tuned.


Halo Tape Records isn't about mass produced music. It's about the love of holding music in a physical format where a lot of thought went into the music, and the packaging of that music. For this to be possible, all our releases are of limited edition in nature.

Most of our releases are of ours and/or of our friends' and most likely only available directly through us, through ourĀ online shop. Our niche is creative music collectibles.

Since everything we virtually produce in physical format is limited in quantity, we focus on the packaging and try to manufacture everything in-house as much as possible. We experiment from release to release.






Halo Tape Records: World's tiniest DIY independent music label where everything is limited edition
www: http://halotaperecords.com | dw: http://7shbccl2g75zcmcg.onion
contact: halotaperecords@protonmail.com